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A childhood romance with form and colors, a dream to be a designer, a natural delicate sensibility and human warmth, a compulsion to express, and her reaction to the resistance of people to new ideas and norms, brought about Bambi to the threshold of the interior design profession.

Bambi’s work is sensitive and sensual, and far removed from the tumult and frenetic energy that seems to characterize much of Indian life. Clients often refer to her work as having a “mysterious, quiet quality” of everyday life, of possessing clarity and “definite ideas and consistent thematic concepts to convey to the viewer”, and of a “purity. . . . Lack of adulteration . . . . Spiritual quality”.

Bambi’s work is different from anyone else’s, as she combines various materials available to her locally, and gives shape, meaning and form to her work. There has been a consistent line of thought behind her work, which is very structural with a focus on the relation between space and form. The materials she uses to express her thoughts may be different each time, but they are part of a stream of continuous thought.

My role is to interpret my clients wishes, resolving the pragmatics of form and function, to create a seamless integrated whole. Highly functional, serene and beautiful, resonant and refined, a place to luxuriate in the moment by moment experience of life. My clients appreciate discretion and privacy – a service more comprehensive than a decorator and more specialized than an architect.